Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Motorola Droid 2 Global: Further notes

On it's second trip to Europe, the Global version of the motorola Droid2 is still performing admirably. I have been to the tops of mountains, and by rail all over Switzerland and can't complain much about performance. One gripe is battery life. I don't think I quite make it a full 8 hour work day without getting dangerously low on battery. Charging options can be quite frustrating since carrying a charger everywhere one goes is not ideal. Nor are the battery options.

My wife picked up from Ebay or Amazon a charger and battery for the Motorola Droid line of phones. However it should be noted that the battery pictured shows a battery with Motorola logo, but the battery you will receive is not authentic. Of course it should stand to reason that if the USB charging cable from MOTO cost $8 why would the battery cost less?

No now I started shopping for those rapid battery chargers, that use USB cable to charge the phone. These chargers allow you to pre-charge a larger high capacity battery using your USB cable. Then you carry around what is supposed to be around 3 iPhone charges.

From what I can see. There is quite a range of possibilities. Prices are quite variable but it looks like one has to buy in the $50 range to insure that you have a battery with 4000-5000 mAh (3-4 charges of the DROID by the numbers) The Duracell seems to be the better bargain at only $20 but only 1100mAh. which may get you going once per reload.

The so-called powerhouse by Duracell runs the price up to nearly $45 for only 2000mAh. So the brand is adding some price (but who knows how much value). The size of these things is a little daunting considering that our pockets are getting more and more packed with gadgets. So I guess I will try the GUM Plus or the Splash intense. Each of which have slightly less than obnoxious form factor and are at least no larger than the phone itself.



THE self-proclaimed-die-expert said...

Just found the ZAGG Sparq which boasts 6000 mAh of power in the battery. Which will charge most smart phones upto 4 times. I think we found a winner!

Danny Schaeffler said...

Still loving it? Looking at D2, DX, HTC Thunderbolt, Bionic. Probably not IPhone. Reception is important, since I think it is still a phone. My current BBerry has a keyboard - don't know if I want only the on-screen keyboard of the DX or the flexibility of the D2.

THE self-proclaimed-die-expert said...

Yes I still love the Droid2.
Here are the plusses:
+ android OS (Root the MF'er and tether for data)
+ Slide out keyboard still a little getting used to compared to the BB keyboard (somehow the smaller World Edition 3880 kb i had was a little easier) but having option of on screen or slide-out is very nice
+ Sure it has fewer apps, but the apps I need i can get. The others are all chaff. Also with the rooted OS I can block ads from the free apps
+ U can replace the battery
+ u can add memory
+ works globally (the iPhone is CDMA only with Verizon)

Verizon network has not let me down so far, here or abroad.