Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Air travel rants

Is it so tricky? If your seat number is 30A, do you need to pause to read each row number as you board; or could you possibly guess 25 or so rows then start reading? After all, it not like they randomly number them, they pretty much go in sequential order....
Eric Kam, broadcasting from an undisclosed location via BlackBerry

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did calling from overseas just get easier and cheaper? SKYPE and Verizon Blackberry

Verizon Skype on BlackBerry

Let's see if this comes true... if so I will be able to use my Global Data plan from Verizon to Skype (finally!) from all over without having to pay the outrageous roaming charges.

got my fingers crossed....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Freelancing: Techni-HOs unite

In a recent post Seth Godin ("the Dip" Dude) covered a favorite topic here Freelancing and Value they provide. Sure we often reduce the bottom line (we have lower overhead than those who are part of the SYSTEM; but they often overlook the value of being from outside the mainstream and the passion that freelancers have for their chosen Vocation (just the fact that they live off it makes the a in avocation silent).

Hire based on passion when passion matters, if cost comes along for the ride even better.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Consultant Value: the outsiders POV

Why we people need consultants? What Value do we provide?

At one customer site an Shift Supervisor who we regularly bumped heads with (constructively it turns out) stated very clearly that the problem with us is that we did not have to live their lives (consequently that was one of our strengths). The outsiders perspective allows for a alteration of the context that any given problem can be viewed in.

For me this was made more relevant by this video example of "predictable irrationality" from Jeff Monday and and my subsequent listening to Dan Ariely's book by that name.

The ability of the consultant, or any voice of an outsider, breaks the pattern of the relativity that often blinds ourselves to the irrational decisions we make.

It is not necessarily that consultants have better insights because they are who they are, it is often times that they come to us without the baggage of our organization.

Additionally we risk upsetting this balance when we internalize that consulting function. External Change Agents are value added.

PS the reading by Simon Jones in the Audio Book is FANTASTIC it adds great dimension to the book, with a very crisp delivery of the irony of peoples predictably irrational behavior.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Software solutions: I disliked __ so much I wouldn't even evaluate what he sold me

Recently a sales guy relayed a funny story (not ha ha funny more sad funny). He had traveled to a customer site with an officer of the company to do a little discovery and "technology partner" dog and pony show.

During the discussion the customer tried to re tell a story about how during a demo 3 years ago (one he did not deign to sit through, opting to scurry in and out to show his importance to us). He mis-remembered that our simulation results were not good enough (the review of the results were the part he was not in our demo for).

But the highlight of the visit was when he told the corporate officer that he so disliked one of us who had made that original demo that he discounted our product for the past years of dutiful licensing of our solution. Adding the __ acted like he knew everything but did not, and that is why he knew that our solution was not worth evaluating.

Now who is guilty of talking about things they know nothing about?
Eric Kam, broadcasting from an undisclosed location via BlackBerry