Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: ZAGG smartbuds

Of recent tech purchases the ones I get the most use of are my ZAGGsparq and ZAGG SmartBuds.

The  ZAGGsparq is a battery back-up that allows me to recharge my USB powered devices. Most often my 6 O'clock brick (Motorola DROID Global ) could potentially leave me without the needed web access and GPS I might need on my travels. But with the ZAGGsparq I am able to fully recharge my phone in just under an hour. What is the big deal about that you might ask? Well how about doing that while not having to stay tethered to a car or wall outlet.

The 6000 mAh battery within the  ZAGGsparq allows me to merely pull out a micro USB cord from my pocket plug it between the  ZAGGsparq  and my phone and bring the battery up to full all while potentially on the move. Walking, riding, skiing, canoeing, or any other mode of transport. While in Europe for my frequent business travels I am able to universally charge my phone without having to carry around much more than the  ZAGGsparq  and one cable. I carry two cables a USB mini, with a mini-micro adapter plus my iPod cable.

A number of times I have helped out my coworkers and felly traveler by charging up their iPhones and other devices while on the move. If you have ever truly relied on your phone while traveling you know how important this is.

The  ZAGG SmartBuds have been equally important. Their simple but elegant design solve the problem posed by many of the in-ear Phone headsets; "How do I keep from yanking the buds out of my ears constantly?  and How do I keep them handy when I am not listening or talking?"

The  ZAGG SmartBuds have a long enough cord to leave the device in my pocket while walking and keeping the head phone cord looped around my neck when not in use.

This design always leaves me wondering how nobody else ever thought of it first. Now it is simple enough to use the PTT (push to talk) button which allows for phone answering while hooked up to my phone, or to pause and play my music wen hooked up to my Apple iPod nano 16 GB Blue (4th Generation) [Previous Model]. Though I suppose it is hte same if you have 6th Generation nano  or  an Apple iPod touch.

the $100 dollars I spent for my ZAGGsparq and the $50 for the  ZAGG SmartBuds, was money well spent.  Actually, I did get mine on special when they ran this special. Which may or may not be active at the moment. But it was enough to convince be to buy another set later.
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