Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Robocall voicemail log

Okay, a little bit of editing and here it is. The audio of the vme we got regarding the robocalls that have apparently come from our number.

Watch "ANGRY Robotcalled" on YouTube

Monday, February 27, 2012

RoboCalling and it's weirder repercussions

This Month something odd started to happen at my house. The phone would ring, we'd ignore it (as it is primary season in Michigan) if we did not recognize the caller ID, and then we'd see if there was a Voice Mail message later. It turns out that these calls were originating from all over Michigan. And believe it or not they were not all ROBOCALLS. In fact many were plainly from real humans who were angry about ROBOCALLS that they were receiving.

source: www.inqusitr.com
But why would they call that number (the number assigned to my non-voting age daughter). As far as I can tell they were calling back the number that had shown up on their caller-ID or they had *69 called-back whomever had made an annoying ROBOCALL to their phones.

Does this make any sense? It appears as if interested Political Operatives who are actively smearing Romney and Santorum in my area are using my daughters phone number as their "callback number" for these ROBOCALLS.  

Have any of you heard of anything similar. Really annoying and a little disturbing. My kid is afraid to answer her phone right now for fear of having some angry recipient of a ROBOCALL yell at her.

So far, I have checked with some national advocates against ROBOCALLS (twitter )
and our Michigan Secretary of State (in MI the Board of Canvassers report to her); alas nobody can tell me what I can do about this, nor if the practice would be legal or ethical.