Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny? or Sad?

What passes as humor these days and for some people is a little puzzling.

Recently my employer had a marketing event (seminar) that was attended by a former colleague, who is currently employed at a customer. Apparently, he decided it was in the greatest humor to fill out his satisfaction survey in my name-making many snide comments and leaving generally negative feedback.

Never mind that during his tenure with my company I stood by him and took many bullets for him; or that I put my reputation on the line by advocating his strengths, as others pulled down on his alleged weaknesses; but the event was attended by a number of people in our industry who should be always thought of as potential future employers or customers.

There have  been days that I have done similar, but I usually made sure that such "Mock" surveys made their way in to the hopper and did not get turned in.

  • Sorry, I did not find it funny to see my name attached to the survey
  • Sorry that I am not held in high enough regard to keep you from making an ass of yourself
  • Sorry you mistook me for somebody so disposable that you can use my name that way
Respect of oneself and others was a lesson that some people still need to go back to kindergarten to learn.

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