Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better Travel booking with HIPMUNK?

As a long time Kayak.com browser I was of course skeptical when yet another aggregator comes into the mix. However, since Pogue seemed to like it i gave it a quick look.
search results on hipmunk.com
With a straight forward GANTT based view the options available are clear from the first search. With a clear visualization of the legs of the journey and layovers one will avoid the debacle of accidentally booking the flight that was cheap because of the over night stay in the airport or the bus ride to ORLY from CDG.

Of course the novel "sort by agony" button is a clever winner where the price, duration and number of stops are taken into consideration. I think I will probably lose my link to KAYAK.com on my Chrome shortcuts bar and have to add hipmunk.com

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