Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Survival 2000 feet underground

Newsweek (sarah-ball: Amazing. Click to enlarge. ...)

The Story of the Chilean miners trapped for the last few months has brought us many bizarre twists and turns; Stories of the miners wifes and mistresses meeting at the vigil site, the on-going drama of 33 people living in isolation for so long, the outrage that they are not getting the cigarettes they asked for.

In any case the most interesting aspect of the story for me is the relatively straightforward stopgap put into place by the rescue workers to getting these guys as much comfort in their situation as possible all through a hole smaller than a grapefruit. I guess they can have kiwi but not full melons down there.

It's a bit different story than when the media had all but written of any hopes finding the miners let alone a rescue back in August.

Now we get to read about their diet, their psyches, their love lives. Too bad we did not get a crew in there for a Big Brother or Survivor type show going. We could amp up the story by gradually reducing their rations each day and seeing how long it takes to resort to cannabalism...

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