Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting ready to get on and off airplanes.... AGAIN

SO, after a whopping two weeks at home, I get to start the cycle of planning for the next two weeks trip to Europe. Thank goodness for "The Oatmeal" and his reality check ...The crap we put up with getting on and off an airplane - The Oatmeal

Thanks to the Oatmeal for this dose of Sanity
Getting ready to travel again and preparing for the round robin of Intercontinental travel. Last month I had to go to Japan and wrapped up my long summer in Europe. Both of those trips were quite a departure from my normal mode of travel (I spent 8 consecutive weeks in Europe and only one week in Japan), now I have to prep for a two week trip.

Pack light or Pack well?
Two weeks is a bit long for a pure no-checked bag trip (unless you have laundry facilities or like wearing hotel sink washed clothes), but nobody likes having to do the whole bag check fiasco. But am I the only person who finds the advice on the "ONE Bag" or "travel with no bags" sites a little over the top? Really, who likes wearing clothes to work that you just washed and dried in the sink last night?

So it seems that even after accumulating 100,000 actual miles this year, I still am not a qualified road warrior. I waste time in baggage claim, and carry too much shit; But then again, THEY smell funny.

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