Monday, September 20, 2010

It really works: Coccoon organizers

It happened again..... sitting in the Skyteam lounge in the "D" and had another person ask about my laptop organizer. In a previous post I had only just purchased the Coccoon Grid-IT organizer and could not necessarily claim all that much experience with it.

Since that post I have 30,000+ more miles on the thing and no less than 25 trips through the scanner belts with not only our TSA but also the ranks of security at many more international airports.  To date nothing gets more appreciative nods for the security personnel and passengers alike than the Grid-IT.

Available in different sizes and configurations you should be able to use it to clean up you D-SLR bag, your laptop case, Game-Boy rig or any other clutter you might have in your life.

My Grit-IT 15 holds:

Try it and you'll like it. If you have any other travel tips let me know. Still have a few more flights before I reach Diamond Medallion this year. For still more shameless commercialism see what other stuff I try to hock.

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