Monday, October 11, 2010

Pretending that what you think is worth reading....

And the question is "What is Blogging?" (either full scale or micro--like twitter).

A friend from college (a Brother of Sigma Pi-Zeta Epsilon Chapter) recently expressed an interest in writing a book. I quickly suggested that he follow-up by looking into (tm) an Amazon company that offers Print-on-demand services and marketing support.

I had also looked into and some other PODs but so far am liking the the most. But here is the rub, I myself have not attempted to publish anything. So how can I say which I like better. Suffice to say that did not frighten me away with it's rules and fee structure.

So now I have to get down to the business of writing. Which this blog was supposed to be a test bed for. Now I need to follow the advice of many other bloggers and authors on how to get this done.

Write everyday and write everyday. Whether or not anybody cares about what you write, you can leave that up to them for a while.

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