Monday, May 17, 2010

Traveling Teddy bears: Send your stuffed best friend to Europe

Want to give your loved one a special gift--a trip to Europe, sightseeing in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, or Spain--but your budget is more in line with a nice bouquet dinner out or something much smaller. How about this send your loved ones a special friend who will send them correspondence from  overseas, daily MMS, e-mails, and a photo-blog of a soon to be new best (stuffed) friend who will soon return home to them?

Following the lead of World-traveling blogger StringGirl and the "Toy Traveling" travel agency in the Czech Rep. Techni-Ho is proud to offer similar world traveling trips for you and your special "friends". Upcoming trips and tours include Switzerland (Zurich, the Alps), Italy (Torino, Milan, Florence?), Spain (Barcelona), and Germany (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich).  Future trips could include Tokyo, Seoul, Hydrabad.

Contact StringGirl via her blog at to find out more.

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