Thursday, May 6, 2010

Travel planning

Even without the possibility of getting advert or recommendation bucks for this I will proudly say that I use WorldMate for all my travel needs of late. So far it has proven invaluable for my travel needs. Having accumulated 250,000 actual miles in the past year and a half and visiting too many countries to count at the moment, I can say that this app has been a god send for me.

Check out the WorldMate if you travel much and download the app for free.

I have also decided to pull the trigger on this little bag here. After a few too many months of dragging around ill suited bags for travel, I am getting this bag and hoping that it performs as well as the site brags.

So as I get ready for the next round of travel, I hope that Volcanoes don't interrupt my work again. That My bags continue to arrive on time and not too damaged, and that the sky rolls out smooth in front of me and all of you.

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