Monday, September 17, 2012

New global phone: Droid Razr

Entering a new era in my smart phone ownership. 4G along with the global access that I need for work.

I just got issued a new Motorola Droid Razr for work. This is a welcome upgrade to my weathered and road weary Droid 2 Global.

I opted to forego the Apple iPhone 4s (which many of my colleagues picked) for the Droid as I wanted to finally get up to 4G speeds. Especially since the contract term for the phones at work are 2 years, I did not want to be holstered to an essentially already 2 year old platform.

So far I am not disappointed in the phone. Compared to the Gingerbread Android OS the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS is already a great improvement. the OS is responsive and intuitive as I expected from the Android system. Not to mention that with the Dual Core processor, I have much less lagginess in basic operation.

The phone is amazingly thin and light weight. Even in it's case (a silicon model ordered for me as part of the "package" our office decided on).

  • Bigger screen (4.3 inch)
  • 4G speeds
  • Higher resolution
  • dual processors
  • more RAM
  • More battery life (allegedly)

  • shipped without SD card upgrade (only 8 GB onboard)
  • no QWERTY slideout keyboard
  • No removable-swappable battery (but hopefully longer battery life)
Already this phone is a little off the cutting edge. As Motorola just released the newest generation of line of phones. the Razr M, a soon to be released RAZR HD, and RAZR HD MAXX. But it seems that besides OS and processor versions the RAZR and the newer lines are still highly comparable, and I don't yet feel too  much phone envy. 

Taking the phone on the first road trip this coming week, so we will see just how well it performs in the field. But to date I am pleased with the phone, and glad I opted out of the iPhone.

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