Wednesday, August 31, 2011

XCom Global MiFi: Review after "practical" use

During the meetings today, I ran some short tests to the effectiveness of the MiFi wireless access point we rented from XCom. This post for example I create using the connection created by the device, and try to upload some pictures and see how well it works.

speed tests with connection via HSPA

this image uploaded in about 4-5 seconds during this test 0.5 MB
larger resolution images:
15-17 seconds for this higher resolution 1.3 MB
I dare not at this time try to stream a video (i should be paying attention)....
and see if location in the room finds me access to the 3g network which is not consistent in this area of Italy.

Cannot make any complaints about the Device or the service (it is not XCom issue that the Italian ether is not friendly for a 3G signal during my trip).


  • relative ease: ordered online, shipped to office, flew to Italy and Bang on the internet
  • no surprises: Flat rate for the daily internet hook-up
  • Multiple users on single wireless connection and rate-plan
  • reasonable price of occasional short trips, with my amount of travel I might be better off getting a local flat rate SIM
  • Battery life (could use for about 2-3 hours on single charge, supplied back up battery is helpful. but in Foreign land where converters and power is a premium might be nice to last longer, or ship with a USB-micro cable so I could charge on the fly with my Zagg Sparq2.0
  • shipping costs if booked less than 10 days in advance
  • Italian SIM did not work in cities where I had connecting flights (Netherlands) may have been my fault, for not indicating that I needed a roaming SIM
Overall I have to say that for the occasional traveler this could be listed among the essentials, especially as US mobile providers clamp down on roaming Data charges. Nobody has All-You-Can-Eat global any more.

Xcom Global is a winner

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