Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zagg Sparq2.0 initial thoughts

Last month I mentioned that I was going to order the Zagg Sparq2.0 emergency battery charger for my own personal use. I unpacked my own this past weekend and charged it Saturday night. The instructions ask for a 7-9 hour initial charge and i followed those instructions.

After the over-night charge I left the Sparq unused for three days to see if the battery leached power the way some negative reviewers had said it would. Today (Tuesday) was the first shot at using. My own Droid2 had run its battery down to just over 15% (the point where i get reminders to charge). I plugged the unit in to the MicroUSB cord and my phone. 55 minutes later my phone was upto 70% and the Sparq showed all 4 LEDs (effectively fully charged).

Later, my colleague plugged in his Android Phone. He charged his up from about 20% to 85% in just over and hour leaving my Sparq with 2 LEDs lit. Supposedly at a 50% reserve. So far, so good. I will use only the Sparq2.0 over the next day or so to provide my phone charge to see if I can get the 4 charges from it the the manufacturer promises. But I am impressed so far.

At this point a must have for all business travelers who use smart phones.


THE self-proclaimed-die-expert said...

Mark wanted me to remind everybody that with the Sparq you have two USB ports. One "optimized" for big draw like iPhones and Smartphones, the other for typical smaller devices (i guess like regular iPods etc).

Also for the record, I now was able to not only top up 3 Android phones recently, but revived the iPhone of my Carpool driver today after she left phone in car overnight (got to 70% in traffic).

4 devices charge and I still have 1 LED showing.

THE self-proclaimed-die-expert said...

Also of the features that are nice:
-> flip out AC power plug
-> 2 USB ports
-> multi voltage and current (for international)
-> LED meter to show relative charge